Sukiyaki is a stew whose every element can be known and recognized, since it is made in front of you on your table, without interruption while you are eating it. about Sukiyaki has nothing marked except its beginning ( that tray painted with foodstuffs brought to the table); once started, it no longer has moments or distinctive sites: it becomes decenter like an uninterrupted text. The empire of signs, Roland Barthes

I think of myself as a cook, putting together data and incorporating archives of both familiar and strange tastes. I borrow flavors from my faraway childhood memories, and merge them, these shattered dreams, to mold stories of lost and forgotten things, double lives, and imaginary lovers. Also, this story emerges as a unique experience, a history that brings people together all the while allowing them to digest and disintegrate. Thus, I mingle with archives of original and found footage to stimulate intersecting emotions of sadness and happiness.

My artistic practice explores narratives through my focus on materials and their manifestation by employing a mixture of different media such as video, sculpture, zine, and installation. The initial stage of my practice, as visual research, revolves around an idea that comes from different sources like a theoretical text or even a word. Ultimately, they all intertwine with the piece that both have transient qualities and are more like a wall object rather than a mere painting. 

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