Fatemeh Afimoh Kazemi فاطمه کاظمی (She/They) (b. 1992, Tehran) is an Iranian interdisciplinary artist/ curator/ cultural practitioner/creative writer based in the Center of New York. Fatemeh earned her Bachelor’s degree in Painting from the University of Tehran and She is a fellow student in Syracuse University and will graduate in 2024 with an MFA in studio arts. Her artistic practice spans a diverse range of media, including video, installation, speculative writing, and performance, with a focus on Communal grief and kitsch Iranian visual culture. 
Fatemeh's work is deeply influenced by themes of ritual, subculture, and archival memory, forming a dialogic relationship with past and present narratives. Her artistic lexicon is steeped in the exploration of grief, with a focus on intersections of class, gender, and language, articulated through the lens of "غم" (gham). Her practice serves as a portal into stories of societal margins—narratives of shattered dreams, forgotten double lives, and imaginary lovers, presenting these narratives as immersive, unifying experiences that invite both reflection and unraveling.
Her achievements in the arts are highlighted by several prestigious accolades and professional engagements, including her role as a finalist for the XENO Artists Book at Franklin Furnace Archive and her participation in the Turner Residency organized by Syracuse University and Angels Gate Cultural Center. She has received a prestigious fellowship from the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University. Fatemeh has also curated impactful exhibitions and screenings, such as "Kicking The Air; Folding Index Fingers" at Everson Museum Plaza and "Female Bodies Speak" in partnership with Women Under Influence and ROSVAA Mag, showcasing her ability to weave significant societal themes into her curatorial projects. Notably, her book Despair and Die was presented at Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair.

Instagram: @afimoh_____

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